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The First Kindergarten of Xian GaoXin

International Class Introduction


Under the strong support of the Administrative Commission of the Xi’an Hi-tech Development Zone (Xi’an Gaoxin), the international class of First Kindergarten of Gaoxin starts setting it up from September 2012, and will open at September 2014. The international class is located in the south of the first kindergarten of Xian Gaoxin, total construction area of 5000 square metersand mainly enroll the Children of foreigners who lived in Shanxi province.

The international class has all kinds of life and teaching facilities, including gymnasium, tennis hall, cinema, theater, library, creative art pavilion, experience life pavilion, Discovery Science pavilion, dancing room, swimming pool and a sand box. Besides that, the international class also has some professional teacherswe also have some foreign teachers to join us.

For the development request of children at our international class, our curriculum keeps the excellent national culture, also into many international elements, and then formed the unique education mode of our kindergarten. We hope the children can learn while playing, practicing while learning, cultivating good qualities while development abilities. The main curriculum


l Kindergarten-based curriculum

l Children's sports curriculum

l EDC English quality education system

l Children drama curriculum

l GrapeSEED English

l Experience curriculum






Kindergarten-Based Curriculum

Continue the excellent education tradition of the first kindergarten of Xian Gaoxin, the international class will adopt theme-teaching pattern, depends on the season, festival and many other teaching method to teach. The teaching content including five fields, and for the international class need, we also will penetrate Chinese traditional culture education, such as Tang and Song poetries, classic reading, etiquette education and so on.

      ★EDC English quality education system

EDC is the interactive teaching in class, come from Britain. In the pure English environment, with interactive multimedia teaching software technology as support, thought their special teaching content, make the children easy and happy to know the scientific knowledge and international element which is synchronized with the kindergarten at Britain enhance their comprehensive ability in the future.

      ★GrapeSEED English teaching programs

GrapeSEED English teaching program originated from The United States MingQuan academyas the work and wisdom of 40 years accumulate of English teaching. They believe in the concept of “Learning English like learning native language” and “Think in English”, create relaxed and happy English learning atmosphere, let the children comprehend English from experience, use the language from using, handle the language from practicing.

      ★Children's sports curriculum

The international class provides various kinds of sports activities. Beside the basic sport activities, we also have martial arts, football, mini tennis, golf, and gymnastics and so on. Children can selective learning and exercising.

      ★Children drama curriculum

The main line of children drama curriculum is theme play. We guide children to learn the basic knowledge about the Chinese and foreign drama, to know difference content of drama, and let them experience the difference performing forms, such as stage play, musical, hand puppet play, shadow play, traditional Chinese opera, dramatic play and so on. Feeling the deep meaning of drama from independent study and teamwork, Inspire children's desire of show off, faculty of understanding, and imitate abilityLet the children's nature are fully release in the performing.

      ★Experience curriculum

The experience class of international including two parts: classroom experience course and extracurricular experience course. The classroom experience course tries to make the children to contact the basic skills and experiences of our life, and design those skills and experiences as a part of the education course or activity corner. Children will learn basic life skill from collective education, group learning, and from the activity corner. At the same time, family member and community resource will involved in, work together to let the children experience the real life from the real world. Develop basic life skillsand social emotion.

Rely on our abundant education resources, and with the help of China and the United States Harvard education cooperation projects, the international class will offer the high quality learning space to the children that come from difference countries, we believe in that here is a paradise for children to grow, healthy and happy!




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