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The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin


The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin was built in 1995. Along with the development and prosperity of Xi’an Hi-tech Development Zone (Xi’an Gaoxin), it has became an international kindergarten including preschool education, preschool scientific research and teacher training. The kindergarten is the experimental kindergarten (the only one in northwest) which carries out the Guidelines for Preschool Education (Trial Implementation) issued by the National Education Department. At present, The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin has four branch campuses. It was honored as the Demonstration Kindergarten of Shaanxi, Shaanxi Green Kindergarten, the Civilized Kindergarten of Xi’an, and it’s the first batch Excellent Civilian-run Kindergarten of China.

With noble mission in the shoulder, The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin has worked on giving the best preschool education to children for many years. The kindergarten aims at leaving the most beautiful memories to children, letting children grow up under the nurture of love and experience beauty by learning from playing games so as to promote full development of children’s physical strength, intelligence and personality. All these years, the kindergarten has always been highly praised by public for its harmonious environment, excellent education quality and scientific management. Excellent teaching faculty and scientific teacher training has laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of the kindergarten. At present, The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin has special-grade senior teacher, national outstanding teacher, provincial advanced teachers, provincial teaching masters, provincial backbone teachers, municipal academic leader, municipal advanced teachers, municipal teaching masters and municipal professional model 24 in total, part-time and associate professors of Shaan’xi Normal University and part-time lecturers 5 in total. Among them, there are 9 teachers have master degree. And the teachers with bachelor degree (or above) account for a large proportion of more than 85%. All the teachers are professionally trained with qualifications.

As one of the 15 experimental kindergartens which carries out the Guidelines for Preschool Education (Trial Implementation) throughout our country, The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin takes the lead of advanced preschool theory in the process of carrying out Guidelines. It works as a platform of radiating advanced education theory, training teachers and promoting preschool education reform. And it has organized international, provincial and municipal academic exchanges and seminars and established a strong bond with several kindergartens of Japan, America and France and so on. The kindergarten learns advanced international preschool education information and theory from the bilateral cooperation and communication to promote an international and opening development of the kindergarten. The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin pays great attention to education and research development while it is developing at a steady speed. All these years, it has undertaken 4 national tasks of National Education Department, Central Science and Technology Institute and China’s Preschool Education League, 7 tasks of Shaanxi Educational Science Institute and more than 10 tasks of Xi’an and Yanta District. Great academic success has been achieved. 20 papers have been published on the domestic publications. 5 essays have been discussed in the international and domestic academic seminars. More than 100 excellent papers and activity designs won awards in the contests in the country.

In order to catch up with the highly development of the Hi-tech Development Zone (Gaoxin), with the great support of related government leaders of Gaoxin, the international department of the kindergarten started to break ground in September of 2012 and planned to come into use in September of 2014. It is a better way to solve the preschool education problems of foreign children in Gaoxin District and even in the whole Xi’an. The fifth branch campus of the kindergarten will be built in 2014. With the care of society, support of experts in preschool education and the professional dedication of the personnel, The First Kindergarten of Xi’an Gaoxin will take the lead of Shaanxi province, cater to the whole nation and be open to the world.


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